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Ace Edutech, a subsidiary of AceManbas, equips you with expertise and skills to advance your career and overcome modern educational challenges. Let's give your future wings for the 22nd Century.

Our Course
We will provide market relevant courses which are recognized in the industry by the current leaders in these trainings.

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in today's competitive and candidate driven market, companies struggle to hire and retail / talent. We help companies build their talent pools and have a network of professionals

We have industry experienced trainers andeserve Bank of India. advisors for every relevant area of expertise

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Keep your profile updated about you and your skills in order for us to provide better services.

About Us

Ace Edutech will lead you to the pinnacle of your career and will support you at every opportunity for you to learn, let us try to give your future the wings by providing you the right expertise & skills. As we usher in to the new decade of the 22nd Century the education sector is marred with set of challenges. Ace Edu Tech a 100% subsidiary of AceManbas, has been established to provide solution to these challenges both at the individual level and to organizations.

Our Course

Effective Training and Placement


Internship, final placement opportunities and offers for the selected candidates.

Our Course 

Full Stack Developer

Master Full Stack development, seamlessly integrating frontend and backend technologies for robust applications

Our Course

Cloud Computing

Elevate your Cloud Computing skills with our specialized course, deploying scalable solutions on cutting-edge platforms. 

Our Course 

Artificial Intelligence

Unlock the future of technology with our AI Development course, empowering you to innovate and create intelligent solutions.



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